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What do you get into?

I'm a total top, but it doesn't need to go there. I like a guy who appreciates my endowment, and although I don't bottom, I like to be licked everywhere. I'm also a great kisser. I charge for my time only, so the fee doesn't depend on the activity.


Outside the bedroom, I like good conversation, old movies, Texas hold 'em, culture, kayaking and travel.


How about kink?

Hell yeah! We can play in my sling or with some other fun toys (ropes, hood, electro-stimulation device...) if you're so inclined. I'm uninhibited, love verbal, and am a water sports top. I'm respectful of boundaries and patient with beginners.


Do you offer massage?

I give a great erotic rubdown, but if you're looking for a genuine massage, you'd get better value with a legitimate massage therapist.


What kind of guy do you like?

My tastes are pretty broad. I have great fun with all sorts of guys and am open to any age, race or body type.


What about tipping?

While tips are definitely appreciated and remembered, they are not required. (Hey, $250 is already a lot of money!) About half my clients tip.


Do you do doubles?

I have quite a few friends in the business and am happy to set up a double booking once we've met in person. We can talk about what you'd like when we meet up. Or if you arrange it directly with the other fellow as well, I'll simply join you both when and where you tell me.


Tell me a joke.

Okay.  Phyllis Diller says if she has one more face lift, she'll have a beard.


What more can you tell me?

Ask away!  And here's my Twitter feed and Amazon wish list!  :)